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gendarme n : a French policeman

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gendarme m
  1. A member of the gendarmerie, a military body charged with police duties.
  2. firebug (the insect)



  1. policeman (armed)

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Gendarme ( or /ˈʒɑndɑrm/) can mean:
gendarme in French: Gendarme
gendarme in Hebrew: ז'נדרמריה

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Dogberry, G-man, John Law, MP, bailiff, beadle, beagle, bluecoat, bobby, bound bailiff, bull, captain, catchpole, chief of police, commissioner, constable, cop, copper, deputy, deputy sheriff, detective, dick, fed, federal, flatfoot, flattie, flic, fuzz, government man, gumshoe, heat, inspector, lictor, lieutenant, mace-bearer, marshal, mounted policeman, narc, officer, paddy, patrolman, peace officer, peeler, pig, police captain, police commissioner, police constable, police inspector, police matron, police officer, police sergeant, policeman, policewoman, portreeve, reeve, roundsman, sergeant, sergeant at arms, shamus, sheriff, superintendent, the cops, the fuzz, the law, tipstaff, tipstaves, trooper
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